July 21, 2014



i’ve said it before and i’ll say it again


how does america even function like it sounds like a video game or something. grand theft freedom.

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July 17, 2014

why did you decide to name orion's belt that?


lol me and riff raff were sitting in the hotel room shooting the video and the director asked us what the song was called and we just looked at each other for a second and he goes “orions belt” and i was like …..yep

dont know what it means

dont think it has a meaning at all

but who knows

The universe is on Orion’s Belt

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July 16, 2014

July 15, 2014


rhode island so small it is illegal to have a widescreen tv in your house because it takes up too much room

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Via the most official bad text posts from the usa


When the air conditioner in the newsroom is not working


When the air conditioner in the newsroom is not working

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I am a historian and this is how it happened.


I am a historian and this is how it happened.

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July 13, 2014


Miyazaki chilling with a cat

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The Game Cube can be hit with a sledgehammer and work just fine. The Nintendo DS was specifically designed to be able to survive a 1.5 meter (five foot) drop onto solid concrete without breaking, and one of the company’s bigwigs wouldn’t let it go past the design phase until the design team could guarantee it could survive the drop at least 10 times. In fact, Nintendo products have such a reputation for being impossible to break through normal means that they spawned the term “Nintendium”—an all-purpose phrase given to pieces of technology that survive extreme punishment. For example, take the Gulf War Game Boy, an original Game Boy console that survived having a freaking bomb dropped on it.

Nintendo never advertises their products as being durable, they don’t brag about their Game Boys being bomb-proof or their consoles being tough enough to survive being hit by a car. They just expect their customers to be human and include features to prepare for that humanity. While other companies decide that they’re nice by including a cover to protect the screen of the $600 phone you just bought in case you drop it, Nintendo just builds a device that can survive being dropped in the first place and doesn’t make a big deal about it. Because that’s how a real company does business.

10 Toys That Are Replacing Cutting-Edge Technology (via strandedonthemainland)

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Nintendo for life

July 10, 2014